The Playground of Sound

From the first strum of a guitar string to the final mastering touch, we offer a suite of services that cater to every stage of the recording process. Whether it's capturing the raw essence of your live performance, mixing your tracks to perfection, or mastering your album to industry standards, we've got the skills and the gear to make your audio dreams echo through eternity.


I invite you to step into my world at Big Dog Recordings. Whether it's a single day session or a full-length album, I'm here to capture the very heart of your music. We'll create not just tracks, but an experience that resonates with your unique sound.
Mixing Services
Ready to make some musical magic? Mixing is where I find my groove. I genuinely enjoy finding the sweet spots for each instrument and vocal, ensuring your music sounds powerful and emotionally engaging.
Mastering Services
I'm all about that final touch of perfection. With our mastering service, I add that pro-level polish, ensuring your songs sound killer on every platform and in every setting.
Songwriting Sessions
Let's unlock your songwriting potential. We're here to jam, craft, and create. I'm stoked to dive deep into your musical ideas, and together, we're gonna make something truly special.
Instrument Reamping
Time to explore new musical horizons. Reamping is an exciting journey that I'm eager to share with you. We'll take your recorded instruments and give them a fresh, inviting edge, making your music stand out.
Additional Services
The horizon's wide open, and I'm here to make your musical dreams come true. Whether it's lending a hand as a session musician or adding some vocals we'll work together in a friendly, easygoing way.

Let’s Get In Tune!

Ready to hit the right notes together? Drop us a line in the form  or hit us up directly via email or a good old-fashioned phone call. Our team at Big Dog Recording Studio is all ears and eager to play a part in your audio adventure. Let’s make your sound resound!
Your message has hit the right note and is singing its way to us! We’ll get back to you in a beat. Until then, keep the music playing and the creative vibes flowing. Cheers to making music magic together soon!
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