Hey there!

I'm Tim

your go-to guy for all things music production, nestled in the picturesque outskirts of Antwerp. My journey into the professional realms of recording, mixing, and mastering kicked off in 2015, right here in my very own sanctuary of sound, Big Dog Recordings.

I'm stoked about the idea of weaving magic into your music!

I revel in the diverse tapestry of sounds and am equipped to offer a spectrum of services. If you’re pondering over what I can whip up for you, trot over to the pricing/services section and uncover the possibilities.

Although my studio is my haven, I’m up for recording adventures anywhere! A couple of years back, I teamed up with Ideal Acoustics to morph my home into a recording paradise. With a control room and live/drum room crafted for acoustic perfection, and a network of cables coursing through every nook and cranny, we can catch the right vibe anywhere—be it the living room, bathroom, kitchen, you name it! Set up a mic, and let the fun begin!

To me, a recording session is akin to penning down a diary entry—it's personal, it's profound, it's playful. I’m all about injecting a hearty dose of fun and energy into each session, as I firmly believe that's where the true essence of sound quality emanates from.

With every beat, strum, and vocal riff, I’m committed to not just capturing sound, but encapsulating the spirit and story behind the music. So, whether you’re a seasoned artist or a budding musician, I’m here to ensure your recording experience is as vibrant and vivacious as the tunes we create together.

Big Dog Recordings isn’t just a studio, it’s where musical notes transform into narratives. And I can't wait to be a part of yours!

Let’s embark on this sonic expedition together and carve out a melody that resonates, reverberates, and rocks!

Let’s Get In Tune!

Ready to hit the right notes together? Drop us a line in the form  or hit us up directly via email or a good old-fashioned phone call. Our team at Big Dog Recording Studio is all ears and eager to play a part in your audio adventure. Let’s make your sound resound!
Your message has hit the right note and is singing its way to us! We’ll get back to you in a beat. Until then, keep the music playing and the creative vibes flowing. Cheers to making music magic together soon!
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